My own struggle 

Ok I’m going to be #real #honest with everyone and admit I have not been taking care of myself the way I should. Picture on top was me a few months ago when I was #feelingHEALTHY I was full of #energy and #happy. I was working out regularly and #eating better #foods. Picture on the bottom is now. I know it does not seem like a huge difference but it is to me. I spent the last 6 months #stressed out beyond my #limits. I work hard to #care for #others and I #work hard to care for my #family and I reached the hard truth that in order for me to keep on #healing and educating others I first need to do it for myself. I’m taking 3 personal weeks to focus on #selfcare and rebuild what I let break down. It’s not about how I look it’s how I feel and #function I got to the point where #myhands #mylife are on the line. I am in #chronic #pain This is not ok with me. It’s going to be one of the biggest struggles for me to #letgo and #relax and focus on #myself with so many things happening. This is no longer a #choice but a necessity for my #survival #HOPE everyone realizes there limits and makes their #wellness a priority. We are all #human and we all need to be #kind to ourselves. CREATE TIME AND SPACE FOR YOURSELF.   


Not a Luxury

So many clients first tell me they think that massage is done as a treat. I think this is totally wrong. Regular massage care has a number of great benefits. You only have one body take care of it. We change the oil on a car as basic maintenance, however for our one and only bodies we just treat ourselves to therapeutic care? We need to change our outlook on wellness and health and prevent illness and disease. Stop waiting to get hurt or sick. Do something to help yourself before your body breaks down.