About Me

2I am a New York City/Bronx based Licensed Massage Therapist who holds an Occupational Associates degree in Massage Therapy from the Swedish Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Wellness Management from SUNY Oswego.

I provide Massage Therapy and Physical Training services in the comfort and convenience of your own home. I have the talent and touch to blend the art and science of Massage Therapy into my sessions. I allow the energy to flow through my hands to help engage the muscle tissue of my clients to promote self-healing and functioning at a higher level.

I enjoy what I do and really listen with my hands. I am in tune with every client and their individual needs. My Bachelor’s degree in Wellness gives me an edge to help motivate my clients to make better health choices. 

My vision is to make the community a better place through the art and healing of Massage Therapy and movement. I empower my clients through education and making them more aware of their body and posture through the manual realignment of their muscle tissue.

Move better, live better!


Hosting a Massage Event at Lululemon. Providing basic chair massage and educating the people about regular care

I am also available for events  and Health Fairs anywhere in NYC. Offices, schools, stores, and homes. My events consist of Massage Therapy with an emphasis on educating the people about the importance of regular self care.


Covering for a Chiropractic Office in the Bronx

I also provide office coverage so you don’t have to loose out on taking care of your practice member’s and patients.  If you are short a therapist contact me to fill in. I enjoy working with various offices and providing the best quality massage therapy care.


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